What is university ministry?

I’m three semesters out of four through my time apprenticing with the EU Graduates Fund in campus ministry at Sydney University. In this my second year I’ve been reflecting on how the EU works, what I like about it, and what I find troubling about it; in short, I’ve begun developing my own ‘theology of ministry.’ It’s early days, as in the midst of the hustle-and-bustle of a busy, large campus ministry I haven’t had time to stop and gather my thoughts!

Over at Meet Jesus At Uni, Arthur Davis has shared some reflections on what campus-based ministry entails. His concerns and ideas are largely similar to my own, in their current undeveloped, amorphous form. He posits these six distinctives of campus ministry:

  • Theology of work assumes a vital place.
  • Ethics is woven into every theological practice.
  • Evangelism cannot be the primary goal of campus ministry.
  • Bible teaching cannot be the primary content of campus ministry.
  • There is no social engagement without reference to Christ.
  • Student groups will renew their commitment to the wider church.

Some of these propositions are provocative, but need to be read in the context of his wider argument. I encourage you to read his post. Hopefully I’ll find the time to share some similar reflections of my own.


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