Heard in 2012 (12): The Blanks’ ‘Hey Ya!’ (2010)


If you’ve watched even a little bit of the television comedy Scrubs you’ll probably remember Ted, the downtrodden, depressed lawyer who works for Sacred Heart Hospital. If you’ve watched more of the show, you’ll know that Ted has an a cappella band called The Worthless Peons who perform covers of themes from popular television shows and films—like this cover of ‘Maniac’ from Flashdance.

In reality Ted is Sam Lloyd and his band is The Blanks, and their catalogue consists of both covers and originals. This minor-key cover of OutKast’s 2003 hit ‘Hey Ya!’ is quite lovely. I think the original song is great, but I’d never realized just how sad a song it is. It’s actually a meditation on marriage, relationships, and all that can go wrong with them. ‘Thank God for Mum and Dad for sticking two together, because we don’t know how…’ The song is actually an astute consideration of a society in which, statistically, marriages are less and less likely to last. It’s a song of desperation and resignation: ‘they say that nothing is forever; then what makes love the exception?’ The Blanks do a much better job of conveying that feeling musically than OutKast did.

Shake it.


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