Heard in 2012 (1): Mike Wexler’s ‘Spectrum’ (2012)

The first post in a series about things I heard last year.

Due in large part to a reduced income, I didn’t purchase a great deal of new-release music in 2012. So my discoveries this year are split between new music and some old classics I’ve come across. Everything in the little pieces to follow was new to me in 2012, even if it was recorded in 1964. I hope you find something you enjoy.


If I had to sum up Mike Wexler’s music in a word, it would be gracious. Nothing is forced; you are not bombarded into submission. Your attention is not childishly demanded by means of fancy bells and whistles. Instead you are invited to receive a gift of vibrating airwaves, constructed by a man who humbly submits that he has something to say that you might like to hear; to look around through eyes closed at the people and places around you. Guitar, keyboards, strings and voice merge in a seamless whole that feels like being wrapped in furs while lying out in a cold open field.


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