Ross Gittins, Christians and Economics

Studying political economy this year has had my mind in overdrive. As a precursor to some things I want to write about when semester is over, have a read of Ross Gittins’ take on a recent Christian critique of capitalism.

I’m a little frustrated that Gittins hasn’t actually said what he thinks about the critique. Without going into any detail, I think the moral critique made of capitalism in the article is fairly sound (except, perhaps, for reading too much into Jesus’ parable of the talents).

I’m not sure I agree with this, though: ‘Schluter’s conclusion is that Christians need to search urgently for a new economic order based on biblical revelation.’ I think Scripture does have things to say about economics. However, I think the primary responsibility of the Christian is to advocate for justice (including good family relationships) within the existing system, rather than recreating the economic order.

Much more to say…


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