God at work in Cambodia

No deep reflections here; just an update with some things to praise and petition God for!

1. Visited the urban slums of Phnom Penh with TASK, a partner of TEAR NSW. Their work teaching Cambodian parents to care for children with disabilities has been challenging the karma-inspired attitude that sees many Cambodian disabled children killed or abandoned. Some families have become Christians through learning that there is a better way; a way if hope and love for their kids.

2. Three members of our party found out yesterday that our tour guide in Siem Reap has been attending a Christian church for the last year. He is attracted to Christianity because Christians bring schools and sanitation to Cambodia. He has been given a bible, and is reading it to learn new ideas. Pray that Sameth will meet Jesus in those pages and in those he meets at church!

3. Great stories about Jesus appearing in miraculous ways and leading people to faith. A woman and her two daughters in Phnom Penh became Christians, but were scared of what their husband/father would think. He returned from military duty early, saying he had seen a man in a dream who had said ‘Don’t go out on patrol today; go home to your family’. His colleagues were killed by a landmine that day. He returned home, and while watching the Jesus Film pointed to Jesus and said ‘That was the man in my dream!’ The whole family are now professing Christians.

God the Father, Son and Spirit. Perfect unity in distinction. A real joy to see him at work!!!


3 thoughts on “God at work in Cambodia

  1. Hey Richard,

    thats cool you’re getting to visit TEAR partners, you will have lots to share at our next TEAR meeting.

    Hey have you heard about ‘Hagar’ in Cambodia?

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